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Wisdom Quotes

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  • Those who will not reason, are bigots, those who cannot, are fools, and those who dare not, are slaves.

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  • I've loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

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  • Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

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  • When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity.

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  • Everything in moderation, including moderation.

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  • Excellence, then, is a state concerned with choice, lying in a mean, relative to us, this being determined by reason and in the way in which the man of practical wisdom would determine it.

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  • By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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  • Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.

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